Want to learn a fun finish for furniture, wood or canvas projects?

  • Want to learn how to use an easy, water based texture to add dimension and interest to your projects?

  • Want to learn how to create metal patinas?

  • Want to create a showpiece for your home or office?

  • Or how about create unique and beautiful gifts to give or pieces to sell as a business?

Then you will love this workshop!

In this workshop, students are guided step by step, from how to set up your workspace, to how to create layers of texture and patinas, then seal it all for durability and sheen.

Why Should I Take This Workshop?

  • The satisfaction of knowing you created a unique art piece yourself is beyond measure.

  • The materials are easily obtained.

  • The cost of doing this project yourself is insanely less than what it would cost to have a professional create this look for you.

  • This is a wonderful technique if you are in the business of furniture painting.

  • People will oooh and ahhh when they see what you have created!

This workshop is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and learn a new skill.

I sell out of these pieces every time I make them for my shop!  And the finish is stunning on furniture.

What students are saying about Texture And Patina On Wood.

  • Texture and Patina on Wood

    Beverly Skeens



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Meet Your Instructor

  • Melody Peacock Brooks

    Faux Finish Artist

    Melody Peacock Brooks

    Hello, my name is Melody Peacock Brooks, owner of Hoity-Toity Peacock in Brenham, Texas. My life’s passion for creating art has evolved into transforming pieces of furniture into one of a kind works of art. Using rich copper, bronze and rust patinas, along with old world plasters, crackles and paints, I take a forgotten piece and give it new life. Once you learn the techniques and secrets I’ve developed over the years, you too will begin creating one of a kind, focal pieces of functional art.


  • What if I’m not an artist?

    No problem! Anyone can learn this skill.

  • Can I find these materials easily?

    Yes. Absolutely! You can order most of them online and also find them at several retailers. Please see my Resource and Supply list included in the workshop.

  • How long will it take to create a finished piece?

    With the drying time of the products used, it will take approximately two to three days to completely allow the layers to dry and finish the piece.

  • What is the number one thing you would recommend for this workshop?

    Follow the instructions for using the materials carefully to get the best results.

  • What if I need help?

    Once you register for a workshop, you will be invited to a private Facebook page for students, where we offer trouble shooting solutions and support. You can also email us at help@ZensoCreative.com.

Learn how to create this beautiful textured patina finish today!

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