What will you learn in this workshop?

  • Students learn which tools to use to create different pen strokes.

  • Students will learn how to understand value and incorporate it into their drawing.

  • Students will learn about traditional hatching techniques.

  • Students will learn finishing steps for removing the sketch and creating a clean pen and ink

This workshop is a great start for anyone wanting to learn how to sketch.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Anna Hileman

    Animal Portraiture and Painting

    Anna Hileman

    As a Colorado native, I grew up mostly outdoors tending to numerous animals ranging from horses, cats and dogs to a rescued pheasant named Speedy. Outside of the time I spent with animals, I could be found drawing and painting everything around me. After attending Kansas City Art Institute for Fine Art and receiving my BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, I have expanded my skills beyond oil with the use of acrylic, iron, wood, gold leaf and steel. My passion for animals and art has led me to using the combination of various mediums to create a collection of charismatic animals, specializing in pet portraiture. My work aims to memorialize an animal as tribute to the joy we receive from them. I currently live in Arvada Colorado with my husband and daughter.