Would you love to paint portraits of favorite pets?

  • If you are a pet lover, you know how special these animals are in our lives.

  • In this workshop, Anna teaches her students how to create an oil painting of beloved pets whether our own or someone else's.

  • This is a great skill for yourself or as part of your portrait painting business.

  • Anna brings students step by step through the process of creating a painting template to producing the end result.

  • This is a wonderful workshop for any student looking for a new avenue of creative expression through the love of animals.

Pet Portraiture in Oils is a fun, unique workshop and Anna makes the details easy to learn and understand.

Whether you want to capture the heart and soul of a beloved pet who is part of your family now, in memoriam or as part of a pet portrait painting business, Anna will walk you through the process, step by step.  Here she shares tips on how to best photograph your pet.

Watch as Anna shows you how easy it is to transfer a template of your pet!

In this workshop, you will also receive a downloadable copy of the example above for how to best photograph your pet.

Meet Your Instructor

Animal Portraiture and Painting

Anna Hileman

As a Colorado native, I grew up mostly outdoors tending to numerous animals ranging from horses, cats and dogs to a rescued pheasant named Speedy. Outside of the time I spent with animals, I could be found drawing and painting everything around me. After attending Kansas City Art Institute for Fine Art and receiving my BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, I have expanded my skills beyond oil with the use of acrylic, iron, wood, gold leaf and steel. My passion for animals and art has led me to using the combination of various mediums to create a collection of charismatic animals, specializing in pet portraiture. My work aims to memorialize an animal as tribute to the joy we receive from them. I currently live in Arvada Colorado with my husband and daughter.

What will I get out of this workshop?

  • An understanding of how to create a painting template from a photograph.

  • An understanding of color values and contrasts.

  • Step by step instructions for creating soulful eyes and realistic fur.

  • A sweet portrait of a beloved pet.


  • What brands of oil paints do you recommend?

    The two brands I recommend are Winsor and Newton or Grumbacher.

  • Should my piece look like yours?

    Yes, it should be pretty close if you are creating the same portrait as the one in the workshop. It will be slightly different but by following the step by step instructions, you will get a feel for how to create the different layers, textures and values so you have good results.

  • How long will it take to create a portrait?

    Everyone works at a different pace and with portraiture it's important to take your time. Students should allow between 2-3 days to complete their portrait and a full 5-7 days for drying time.

  • Will I be able to paint a portrait of my own pet?

    Yes absolutely! Once you know how to create the template and the options for transferring it to the canvas and ways to understand the colors, composition and value, you will be able to paint your pet.