Would you love to add this beautiful finish to your list of incredible techniques for furniture and art?

  • This finish has been shared on social media platforms thousands of times and is one of Melody's signature finishes.

  • This high end finish is easy to create as long as you know the correct steps to follow, the products to use and the process.

  • Create an absolute show piece for your home, office or artwork.

  • Create this finish for clients and bring your services to a whole new level.

We call her the queen of patina!

Through years of practice and experimentation, Melody Peacock Brooks has mastered the art of patina on furniture.  In this workshop, she shares all her secrets for creating this beautiful ombre and rusty finish. 

The steps matter.  You don't want to end up with a black mess because you didn't use the materials correctly.

Melody takes you step by step and shares all of her tips for creating this amazing finish.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Melody Peacock Brooks

    Faux Finish Artist

    Melody Peacock Brooks

    Hello, my name is Melody Peacock Brooks, owner of Hoity-Toity Peacock in Brenham, Texas. My life’s passion for creating art has evolved into transforming pieces of furniture into one of a kind works of art. Using rich copper, bronze and rust patinas, along with old world plasters, crackles and paints, I take a forgotten piece and give it new life. Once you learn the techniques and secrets I’ve developed over the years, you too will begin creating one of a kind, focal pieces of functional art.

Learn how to create this beautiful ombre rusty stencil finish today!

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