Are you looking for a totally freeing technique that allows you to just go with the flow?

Intuitive Painting Is Just That!! Here's what you'll learn in this amazing workshop.

  • You will learn how to paint with an open mind and free spirit.

  • You will learn a new technique for developing and expanding your fine art skills.

  • You will learn how to grow as an artist.

  • You will learn how to create a unique, one of a kind piece of art.

  • You will learn a technique that is a wonderful skill for those times when you have a creative block and just need to play.

If you want to delve more into expressive fine art, Introduction To Intuitive Painting is a great way to get there.

Intuitive painting allows an artist free reign over the materials, tools and techniques they use to create paintings that come alive in the process. As an artist moving through the prompts in this workshop, you may start to see a landscape, waterscape, cityscape, tree lines or people walking down a street.  

The possibilities are endless and the results are in the eye of the creator.  

This is an amazing workshop for beginning artists who want an uninhibited introduction to fine art as well as experienced artists who want to loosen up and do something different.  

Meet Your Instructor

  • Ellie McIntosh

    Principle/Designer Ellie Mac Designs

    Ellie McIntosh

    Ellie grew up a creative thinker, inspired by her father, a furniture designer and inventor. She has traveled the world studying and participating in art projects and workshops, bringing her vast array of knowledge and experience back to the students she teaches.

    Ellie is a gifted fine artist and designer, committed to sharing her love of the arts with her students and through many charitable causes.