Would you like to create a rustic barnwood finish on a piece of furniture or in your decor?

  • Learn the tools and techniques for creating this popular finish.

  • You can use this finish on so many things from furniture to picture frames to faux beams. It can even transform Formica!

  • Imagine the beautiful farmhouse look you can create with this technique.

  • This is a another great technique to add to your portfolio if you do custom furniture painting or finish work. Designers have used this to create faux beams for their clients.

A rustic barnwood finish never seems to go out of style.

Whether you want a traditional barnwood look in brown tones or a more contemporary look in gray and white tones, this finish has so many possibilities!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Rose Wilde

    Texture Finishes and Design

    Rose Wilde

    I developed the Wood Icing® Product Line in 2002 as “the great cover up” for resurfacing furniture, walls, crafts and small decor. Artists in turn, found the product perfect for adding texture and creating raised reliefs. After years of working with the product, offering workshops and working with other artists, I found the options for using Wood Icing® went way beyond my initial concept. Today, the product is used in a variety of ways through furniture repair and enhancement to mixed media art. I enjoy introducing Wood Icing® workshops to beginners and experienced artists and hope you’ll join me in creating some one of a kind, textured finishes in my online workshops. I am excited to see what my students create and look forward to inspiring you with this exciting medium.