Are you ready to teach online art classes and workshops but don't know where to begin or have a lot of questions about all the steps you need to take?

Creating an online art class or workshop isn't as easy as setting up a camera and just making a video.  There's a lot that goes into creating a product you'll be proud to put out in the world and one that students will want to purchase.  

It also takes good planning, knowing your audience, being committed, and having the support you need to be successful!

There's no better time than now!!

Online learning is here to stay!

The world has changed.  And when it comes to education, there's been no bigger change than the dramatic spike in online learning. 

Don't miss out!  This is the perfect time to focus on getting your art classes online and learning how to best reach the students who want what you have to offer!  If you are motivated and committed, I can help you get there.

Here's What Others Are Saying!

The idea of a collective creative community is what intrigued me the most about Zenso. I think it sets Zenso apart from other online art platforms. 

Ellie McIntosh, EllieMac Designs

"Until I joined Zenso Creative. I had not taught any of my art workshops online. I had no experience with filming or video editing. My experience had been in person or live online instruction.  Terry helped me select the right equipment and software to make my own high quality online workshops.  Zenso Creative, has also been a wonderful creative community. It is one of the few online platforms that provides support, collaboration, training, and interaction with other instructors and students. The idea of a collective creative community is what intrigued me the most about Zenso. I think it sets Zenso apart from other online art platforms.  As an artist, I think we need a creative community to be a part of. One that freely shares ideas and supports its members."

Having the ability to offer classes online and create a steady flow of income has given me peace during these uncertain times. 

Ali Kay, Ali Kay Studio

"About 2 years ago, I was strongly considering diving into teaching online workshops, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about it.   Then along came Terry Eldridge who had already spent a great deal of time figuring out just what I needed to know.   I consider her a gift to my career.  She showed me what equipment was needed to do my own filming, what programs to use for editing, and she provided critical marketing expertise. Having the ability to offer classes online and create a steady flow of income has given me peace during these uncertain times.   It is so awesome to have students all over the world taking my classes right now!   None of this would have been possible without the assistance from Terry and Zenso Creative.   I would still have been just sitting in my studio thinking about making the change and not taking action.   I highly recommend Zenso Creative as a launch pad for your online career!  "

...they have given me the resources to excel.

Anna Hileman, Anna Hileman Art

"My name's is Anna Hileman and I'm an animal portrait artist living in Grand Junction, Colorado. I've been working with Zenso Creative™ for the past year and a half. One thing that they have helped me so much with is giving me the resources I need to excel. A few resources that they've given me is access to professional development. They've helped me with my website. They've helped me launch my videos. They've helped me with marketing and, ways to get my name out there. I'm incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with them. I've found Zenso incredibly beneficial to my business as an artist. The resources they gave me were a huge component of that."

I've been trying to get my classes online for over a decade.

Ellie Ellis, Elite Artistry By Ellie

"For over a decade I’ve been wanting to get my classes online. I tried hiring professional videographers, kids in college that were learning how to do this, and nothing worked. It was very expensive and very time consuming. Then I met Terry Eldridge with Zenso. She basically held my hand, encouraged me and said “It’s not that hard. You can do this.” She helped me know what kind of equipment to get that was very affordable and wasn’t going to break the bank, what programs to get and how to edit my classes. I'm very grateful to Zenso for all the help!"

..she has a great vision for the future.

Michelle Fountain, Fountain Studio

Terry has worked diligently and successfully at establishing an online source for creating. She is very flexible and easy to work with, and she has a great vision for the future. 

Hi! I'm Terry.

Founder and Creative Director of Zenso Creative™

I've spent the past several years helping artists get their art classes and workshops online and learned a lot in the process. What I have discovered has helped me create a step by step process to help artists publish online art classes that look professional and that students love!

Here's What You'll Receive In This Training

Please note the majority of this training focuses on the use of iOS Products such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac computers but you will also find basic information for PC users.

  • You'll receive a series of downloadable documents with tools, templates and tips to help you move easily through the process. These can be placed in a notebook or used digitally for easy access each time you publish a new class.

  • We will talk about the things you need to consider BEFORE you publish online art classes including legal and marketing considerations.

  • You will learn how to outline your classes ahead of time with a detailed template to help prepare you and make the process much smoother.

  • You will learn what equipment you do and do not need to create a beautiful workshop.

  • You'll get tips and tricks for filming, creating backdrops, lighting and audio.

  • You will learn the process of basic editing of video, audio and text.

  • You will learn how to properly format your photos, videos and documents for the best look and feel for your students.

  • You will learn how to pull it all together and create some simple marketing graphics to market your art class with tips about when and how to do that.

  • You will receive a pre-launch plan to help your class launches go smoothly and be successful.

  • You'll receive tips on how to help your students find you and be excited about what you have to offer.

Bonus Support!

In this training, you'll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group for peer support and to answer any questions you might have.

  • Access to Private Facebook Group for One Year.

    As a trainee of Content Creation For Online Art Classes, you will have access to a private Facebook group for questions, answers and additional sharing.

Don't Wait!! Learn How To Plan, Create, Film and Edit Online Art Classes today!

$225 for 12 month access!