Want to learn the basics of professional upholstery all while upcycling a piece of furniture?

  • Learn which tools to use to create a professional finished look.

  • Learn how to add custom buttons and cording for a sophisticated finished piece.

  • Learn how to to lay fabric and pattern for the best look.

Could you use a beautiful bench in your decor or want to create some for clients?

Join faux finisher and upholsterer Jenny Gomberg in this fun, step by step, workshop and bring some elegance into your space. 

Meet Your Instructor

  • Jennifer Gomberg

    Upholsterer and Faux Finish Artist

    Jennifer Gomberg

    I established Metamorphose Studios in 2009 as a creative outlet for myself looking for something new and different to add to my faux design skills. I have since morphed old forgotten furniture into beautiful statement pieces for designers, clients and collectors. I teach other DIY enthusiasts how to transform their upholstered furniture both in the studio and online. My students have created incredible upholstered pieces and I get excited teaching them!