Let's be honest. Most creatives aren't great at the business side of things. It's no surprise we'd rather be in a beautiful studio creating great art, than crunching numbers or putting systems together.

It's an ongoing struggle for many creatives!

The starving artist syndrome is alive, and well in the creative world. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're dealing with it yourself, or your driving yourself into the ground trying to make decent money.

Here's the thing....as an artist YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID WELL and recognized for your hard work!

But if you're like most creatives I know, you are:

*Dealing with unpredictable, erratic income, or not enough income for the work you do.

*Creating commissions like a crazy person, or schlepping to art shows on weekends just trying to make a decent amount of money.

*Totally unaware of how to grow your business online, and dreading the technology, and marketing.

It doesn't have to be this way!

What if you knew you could net an additional $1000, $2000, $5000 or more a month in your business just by growing it online?

It would be a no brainer right?

Let me ask you a question?

As a creative, do you spend money on art supplies, studio space, classes, or events without really thinking too much about it? Or how about eating out, or buying new clothes you really don't need?

Do you think you spend a few hundred dollars a month on those things?

Doesn't it make sense that you should be spending some of that money on growing your business?

Are you doing art shows on weekends, sometimes in the rain or with low turnout, away from your family, or are you creating yet one more piece of commission work under pressure just trying to make a few dollars more? That won't cut it. It only serves to stress you out, and isn't going to give you the momentum, and the income you deserve.

How about instead, investing in a program that's going to give you:

**The opportunity to make way more money, with way less stress.

**Weekly support, and guidance from me, and other artists who are thriving online.

**The training, and support you need to take the next steps to really gain momentum in your business growth.

**Someone to bounce ideas, frustrations, and wins off of.

**Someone to help you stay on track, and accountable to yourself, and your business goals.

Doesn't that sound like something that's worth your time, and investment?

Excited Artist

Case Study

Decorative Artisan Ellie Ellis, Elite Artistry By Ellie

Artist Ellie Ellis launched her online academy after 10 years of struggling to figure out how to get her classes going online. Ellie teaches Bas Relief, an art form using plaster, carving, sculpting, and molds to create three dimensional art on a flat surface.

She's now making money while she sleeps, and has expanded her student base.

"Terry helped me to fulfill my dream of getting my classes online. I have struggled doing this myself for over a decade. Her help and knowledge are priceless!"

Case Study

Artist Ali Kay

Artist Ali Kay of Ali Kay Studio and I have worked together for several years. Ali is a painter who teaches her students how to paint in loose, vivid brushstrokes, and had many requests for online classes.

Ali followed every opportunity that came her way through our 1:1 coaching, and the extended resources I suggested she pursue for additional support. She now runs a six figure online art school, has more time to create, and has complete control over her choices, and her income.

"I will forever be grateful I met Terry. She literally changed my life."

What's The Program About?

The Artist Accelerator Coaching Program is a monthly membership to 1:1 group coaching that is held once a week, every Monday at 12:00noon (EST) for 60-90 minutes. The program provides customized training and resources specifically tailored to individual members of the group.

  • Training And Tutorials

    I'll share training and tutorials to help you stay focused, organized, and feeling better about technology, and marketing.

  • Direct Business Assistance

    I'll help take you step by step through specific tasks directly related to your business, and help you continue to move forward towards growth.

  • Feedback And Brainstorming

    Got an idea but not sure if it will work? Need some help with creating a great sales page, or want a video reviewed? Share something you're working on and we'll help you make it great!

  • Recorded Sessions

    Can't make a session? No worries. The sessions are recorded and available for two weeks so you can watch the replay. Or...if you were in the session but want to revisit a topic, you can also watch the replay!

  • Peer Connections

    You might be surprised at how important, and valuable having a connection with other creatives is in helping you grow your business. No more trying to go it alone!

  • Ask Questions Anytime!

    Our sessions will be held via Zoom, but you can connect with me, and the others in the group anytime through our Community. This is a private online community just for you!

Case Study

Leslie Nesbitt, Rhythmic Walls

Leslie is a faux finisher and fine artist who specializes in gorgeous, layered, vibrant designs. Her work is as unique and beautiful as she is! Leslie started on her journey to build her business online, and is launching some amazing classes, as well as a new website. She recently posted a message on my Instagram...

"You are an incredible, REALISTIC, patient, KNOWLEDGABLE art business coach!! The return on my investment has been tremendous. Thank you!!

How Does The Program Work?

Join anytime! Two options.
Option #1-Month To Month Package:

With the Month To Month Membership you will pay a first month introductory price of $199, then $299 a month after the first month. This option includes access to the weekly coaching sessions, and recordings for two weeks following the live sessions, and access to the materials and resources for as long as you maintain membership. This is perfect for the artist who isn't sure whether ongoing coaching or a full program is what they need, or if they need specific help for a short period.

Option #2:-Six Month Package

Pay a one time fee of $1495 , and receive over $2800 worth of services including, one private 1:1 session with me to kickstart you and your business, six months of weekly 1:1 group coaching, and six months access to The Artist Accelerator Program which includes detailed modules to take you step by step through everything you need to grow your business, and create an online school.

*$199 savings over the monthly payment program

*$150 value for 1:1 private kickstart session

*$997 value for 6 months in the Artist Accelerator Online Training which includes 6 modules of step by step training covering everything you need to kickoff your online art school, and market your art business online.