Does this sound like you?

  • You want to learn a new medium.

  • You are interested in working with oil pastels.

  • You want to learn more about mixing various products and applications.

  • You want to grow as an artist.

  • You want to create unique, one of a kind art.

  • You're looking for an avenue of creative expression that is centered around personal growth.

If so, then the Oil Pastel on Metal workshop is for you.

Oil Pastels can be used  in a variety of ways. You can paint with them, draw with them, and used them with other mediums.

You can use them on many different surfaces, such as, metal, glass, wood, hardboard, paper

Once you learn the basic techniques and applications, you can apply them to your own creative process 

The purpose of this workshop, is to is to allow you to experiment and play with oil pastel techniques, and tools on metal. 

Meet Your Instructor

  • Ellie McIntosh

    Principle/Designer Ellie Mac Designs

    Ellie McIntosh

    Ellie grew up a creative thinker, inspired by her father, a furniture designer and inventor. She has traveled the world studying and participating in art projects and workshops, bringing her vast array of knowledge and experience back to the students she teaches.

    Ellie is a gifted fine artist and designer, committed to sharing her love of the arts with her students and through many charitable causes.