Would you like to learn some fantastic techniques in fine art, decorative art and mixed media for your home or office, to create as gifts or to add to your business portfolio?

The Zenso Creative™ Club is an affordable way to do just that!

  • Many of our art techniques can be used on a variety of surfaces from canvas to walls.

  • Our art workshops are detailed and provide step by step instructions to help our students be successful.

  • We provide a private Facebook group just for students, to connect with our instructors and each other. We also offer an email help link for students who need assistance and may not be on Facebook.

  • Our workshops are a great place to learn new skills, add to your current skills or expand your business portfolio.

The Workshops Below Are Currently Available In The Membership

Per our Terms of Use, some workshops may be removed with 30 day notice due to lack of enrollment or at the request of the artist. New members will be asked to enter a credit card but will not be charged for the first month. You can cancel at anytime. See instructions in your Welcome email!

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